Convener: Timothy FosterECSECS | Co-conveners: Roshan AdhikariECSECS, Phoebe Koundouri, Hector Macian-SorribesECSECS, Dolores ReyECSECS

Water sustains societies, economies and ecosystem services globally. Increasing water demands from population growth, coupled with shifts in water availability due to climate and land use change, are increasing competition and conflict over access to and use of freshwater resources in many regions. To address these challenges, integrative approaches to water management and policy are required to balance and manage trade-offs between social, economic and environmental uses of water. This session will provide a forum for showcasing novel and emerging research at the intersection of agricultural production, energy security, economic development, and environmental conservation. In particular, we encourage contributions to the session that: (i) identify knowledge gaps and improvements to understanding about the critical interconnections, feedbacks, and risks between system components, (ii) highlight development of new methods or tools for evaluating and monitoring trade-offs and performance in water allocation and management between different users and sectors, (iii) evaluate alternative technical, policy, and/or governance solutions to address water-food-energy-environment system challenges in different locations and at various scales (local, regional, and even global), and (iv) discuss examples of more and less successful initiatives within research and policy designed to facilitate integrative planning of water-food-energy-environment systems.