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EGU General Assembly 2022
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Characterization of Atotonilco geothermal area, Veracruz, Mexico

Emma Daira Baizabal Gómez1, Mariana Patricia Jácome Paz2, Daniel Pérez Zarate3, Juan Ramón de la Fuente Rivera4, and Rosa María Prol Ledesma2
Emma Daira Baizabal Gómez et al.
  • 1Universidad Veracruzana, Geography , Student, Mexico (
  • 2Instituto de Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México ( (
  • 3Instituto de Energías Renovables, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM (
  • 4Posgrado en Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM (

Geothermal high enthalpy resources can be an important potential source to satisfy Mexico’s energy requirements ; nevertheless, low and moderate enthalpy resources may contribute through the direct uses to replace fossil fuels. In both cases, the exploitation of geothermal resources are an important factor inthe energy transition that the whole world strives to achieve. Furthermore, it has an important social impact in the communities, where the use of geothermal energy can bring considerable benefit. In this work, a geothermal characterization with a geographic approach is presented for the “Atotonilco” (hot water in native language) town in Calcahualco municipality of Veracruz state (eastern México). The surface manifestations in the area are calcium-carbonate warm springs with flows from 1 to 12 liters per second. The temperature at depth was estimated between 70°C and 74°C with the calcedony geothermometer, which corresponds to a low enthalpy resource. A preliminary conceptual model of the Atotonilco geothermal area, using all data and a list of the feasible direct uses applications are proposed. These proposals consider the social and economic characteristics of the study area that were observed during the field work. The recommended actions include dissemination of the results of this research, as an important contribution to the development of geothermal resources in Atotonilco town.

Keywords: Geothermal energy, environmental geography, renewable energy, direct use, geochemical exploration, geoscience dissemination.


Thanks to Dr. Ramón Espinasa Pereña for his technical support during the field work. Thanks to the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry of the Institute of Geophysics, UNAM, especially to the QFB Olivia Cruz, M in Ing. Alejandra Aguayo and QFB Omar Neri, for carrying out the chemical analyzes of water presented here.

How to cite: Baizabal Gómez, E. D., Jácome Paz, M. P., Pérez Zarate, D., de la Fuente Rivera, J. R., and Prol Ledesma, R. M.: Characterization of Atotonilco geothermal area, Veracruz, Mexico, EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-10599,, 2022.

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