EGU General Assembly 2022
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Fire and Ink: The Joy of Volcanic Storytelling

Robin Andrews
Robin Andrews
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Every science journalist's journey into the field is unique, with no two origin stories the same. No two have precisely the same beat, writing style, or advice to hand out to those wondering how to take a shot at it themselves. Consequently, there is plenty to talk about to those curious about the field. But something I've noticed that is absent from most journalism lectures or talks is a sense of just how exhilarating it can be, particularly as someone who transitioned from academia into journalism with zero experience in the latter. Like every job, it has its pros and cons—but telling stories about worlds near and far, and the volcanic fires that fleck their surfaces, is as near to an ideal career as I can imagine. I hope that, with this talk, I can convince others to take that same leap I did, try something different, and experience that idiosyncratic thrill for themselves.

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