EGU General Assembly 2022
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Inventory and characterization of recent (<100 years) gravitational activity of the Queyras DSGSDs - South French Alps

Clément Boivin, Jean Philippe Malet, Catherine Bertrand, and Yannick Thiery
Clément Boivin et al.
  • Université de Strasbourg, Institut Terre et Environement Strasbourg (ITES), Déformation Active, France (

Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformation (DSGSD) are gravitational processes damaging slopes over long periods of time. These processes may be reactived with the occurrence of smaller, shallow gravitational events. Thus, a better understanding of DSGSDs, from their formation to more catastrophic phases of activity, is an important goal  for natural hazard prevention in mountainous areas. .A first inventory of DSGSD in the Western Alps has been proposed by Crosta et al. (2013) with 1057 DSGSDs identified. A similar work has been conducted more recently at the scale of the French Alps by Blondeau (2018) who identified nearly 460 DSGSDs. Despite the importance of these works, there are still many Alpine sub-massifs where high concentrations of DSGSDs (Blondeau., 2018) have been recognized but where no detailed studies have been conducted. This is the case of the Queyras Massif (South French Alps). It is in this context that this study is carried out, with both the objectives of locating and characterizing the DSGSDs observed in this area and identifying their recent activity.

The proposed approach is based on quantitative geomorphological studies combining photo-interpretation of multi-date aerial imagery, analysis of DSMs and field observations. Quantitative description criteria are proposed to identify DSGSDs and discriminate them from large deep-seated landslides. Thirty DSGSDs are inventoried and their lithological and structural setting is analyzed. Analysis of multi-date aerial photographs and InSAR derived landslide velocities (NSBAS processing of Sentinel-1 observations; e.g. André et al., XX?) allow characterizing their gravitational activity.

How to cite: Boivin, C., Malet, J. P., Bertrand, C., and Thiery, Y.: Inventory and characterization of recent (<100 years) gravitational activity of the Queyras DSGSDs - South French Alps, EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-12009,, 2022.