EGU General Assembly 2022
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GPR Prospecting Close to a Roman Amphitheatre in an Urban Environment

Raffaele Persico1 and Giuseppe Muci2
Raffaele Persico and Giuseppe Muci
  • 1Department of Engineering of the Environment and of the Territory, University of Calabria
  • 2Superintendence to Archaeology, Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce

In the present contribution we will present the results of a GPR [1-3] measurement campaign performed in St. Oronzo Square, Lecce, Italy, aimed to investigate and monitor the status of the Roman amphitheatre present in the square. The “ambulacra” of this amphitheatre in particular are currently buried under the square and only partially accessible. Also, further part of the amphitheatre are still buried, and cannot be excavated because of the presence of posterior structures, in some cases of historical relevance in their turn. The georeferencing of the results has been achieved in QGIS. Indeed, no GPS was available when the measurements were performed. However, the shape of the prospected areas, wedged in the ways around the amphitheatre has allowed a correct georeferencing. A home-made MATLAB code has helped to this pros.



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