EGU General Assembly 2022
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ArtMoonMars Science, Cultural and Artistic programme: towards an Artscience Museum on the Moon  

Bernard Foing1,3,4, ILEWG Lunar Explorers team1, and the ArtMoonMars collaboration team*
Bernard Foing and ILEWG Lunar Explorers team and the ArtMoonMars collaboration team
  • 1ILEWG and Lunar Explorers Society
  • 3EuroMoonMars Earth Space Innovation EMMESI
  • 4Leiden Observatory
  • *A full list of authors appears at the end of the abstract

The ArtMoonMars programme of   cultural and artistic activities was started in 2010 by ILEWG Lunar Explorers Group in collaboration with ESA ESTEC and number of partner institutions, with more than 45 events (workshops, space artscience classes, public events, sessions at international conferences) and exhibitions.

What payload for an Artscience Museum on the Moon ?  For prototype ExoGeoLab lander in 2009. the team looked at possibility to host cultural or artscience  payload. Some joint ArtMoonMars events between space science, technology and art communities were organized, such as MoonLife Academy in 2010 .

ArtMoonMars organised classes of Artscience & Space at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague KABK –ESTEC. Artscience students participated to workshops at ESTEC & KABK and developed projects inspired by space and the Moon. These ArtScience classes were conducted 3 years with different themes. Some 50 ArtScience & Space projects were developed by students. Artists demos with scientists and engineers, including visual, electronic, VR artefacts and art performances.

ITACCUS The Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS, created in 2006)

MoonGallery Foundation: The MoonGallery idea and concept was developed from 2010, to send an expanded gallery of artscience artefacts to the Moon on possible landers. on Gallery will launch 100 artefacts to the Moon within the compact format of 10 x 10 x 1cm plate on a lunar lander exterior panelling as early as 2022. .

A MoonGallery project team was formed in 2018 to issue a call for the community of artists. For these activities, ILEWG established ArtMoonMars grants to MoonGallery curators, and to some artists or temporary team members.

MoonMars Foundation : A new effort with external partner building on previous ArtMoonMars and EuroMoonMars programmes led to the definition of a new MoonMars foundation with broader objectives to develop opportunities and funding, to various groups including space artists.

Space Renaissance and Art: Space Renaissance International (SRI) is a global organisation dedicated to getting humanity off-world, not just astronauts engaged in pioneering exploration. The early Space Renaissance concept was founded on a pragmatic form of the humanist philosophy, with its roots here on Earth, and with its destiny among the stars. The founders took the historical Renaissance era with its focus on patronage of the arts and sciences as a model for a New Renaissance, a Space Renaissance. SRI runs a number of programs, projects and activities in support of its mission. It has started a Space Renaissance Art chapter.

ArtMoonMars collaboration team:

B. Foing1-25, S. Heinz25, A. Autino25, C. Ten Helden8, M. Kuiper9, & MoonGallery team and artists9, J.Preusterink2,3, A. Kruijver3, M. Waltemathe2,3, E. Hemminger2,3, I.R.Perrier3, R. Vles9,10 , G. Galluzzo10, T.Burger10, M. Prokofieva10, D.Sokolsky11. M. Sykutera11, Aoife van der Linden12, N. Ben Hayoun12, S-J. Pell12 , N. Hall12, R. Malina12, S. van Gammeren5, P. Russo5, P. Almeida13 & MoonWalk team13, S.Kerber14, P. Das Rajkakati14, H. Rogers14-15, M.Musilova14-15, M. Heemskerk14 , et al, O. Ben Orin16, J. Robberstad16 & Global Science Opera Team, N. Verschoor17, I. Hoppe17, O. van Winden18 & Todays Art Festival, E. van den Heide19, E. Domnitch19, D. Gelfand19, F. de Wilde19, S. Aloserij20, J. Burke20, T. Peutz, A. Framis21 , & 21Moonlife academy, J. van Gronendaal22, A. Ono23, I. Schlacht23, M. Feenstra24, N. Eckelkamp24, 1ILEWG and Lunar Explorers Society, 2ArtMoonMars, 3EuroMoonMars, 4VU Amsterdam, 5Leiden Observatory, 6ESA ESTEC, 7IAA, 8Moon Gallery Foundation, 9Moon Gallery team, 10ESTEC Space Strings, & 11ESTEC4Jazzy, 12IAF ITACCUS committee, 13Aveiro festival, 14EMMIHS EuroMoonMars-IMA HISEAs, 15IMA Intl MoonBase Alliance, 16Global Science Opera, 17WdKA applied arts academy, 18TodaysArt Festival, 19Artscience KABK, 20Lunar sanctuary Alexandria library, 21Moonlife academy, 22G-net, 23Lunar Zen Garden M. Feenstra19, N. Eckelkamp19, 24MoonMars Foundation, 25Space Renaissance International

How to cite: Foing, B. and team, I. L. E. and the ArtMoonMars collaboration team: ArtMoonMars Science, Cultural and Artistic programme: towards an Artscience Museum on the Moon  , EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-13340,, 2022.