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Communicating Arctic issues to the Italian public through a magazine

riccardo parigi
riccardo parigi
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Communication and scientific dissemination can be very important if we want people to focus on specific items. This is also why we should question the ways in which we communicate an idea or a particular issue.

Osservatorio Artico is the first Italian online magazine focused on the Arctic region. In issues related to external affairs, economics, migration and climate change Italy usually looks more towards continental Europe, at the Mediterranean area and the Middle East.. However,  the Arctic region, even if it is far from Italian shores, is emerging dramatically into the Italian awareness, due to the relevance of global environmental issues. The Arctis is also important because the Italian Navy and the scientific and academic Italian world are increasingly conducting scientific research in the Arctic about climate change, the environment and hydrography.

Osservatorio Artico also aims to be the  main news channel  for this issue for a wide public. What happens so far away has direct implications for our climateand our economy. Changes in the Northern Sea Route will, in the next few years, change the Mediterranean commercial sea routes, modifying the pivotal role of Italy in the Mediterranean,  In addition, Italian cultural heritage, such as the Venetian Laguna, is under great threat, from sea level rise.

The Arctic is closer to Italy than it appears, and Osservatorio Artico aims to be a helpful tool for Italian speaks. Our collaborators live and work in several countries,  including the Arctic. We want also to reach a wider and different public, so we are navigating between newspaper and academic publishing. Our use of social media channels is very relevant to our aim of  building up a strong international network for information about the Arctic in Italy.


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