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EGU General Assembly 2022
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Jovian auroral radio source occultation modelling and application to the JUICE science mission planning

Baptiste Cecconi1, Corentin K Louis2, Claudio Muñoz Crego3, and Claire Vallat4
Baptiste Cecconi et al.
  • 1LESIA, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, PSL Research University, Meudon, France (
  • 2School of Cosmic Physics, DIAS Dunsink Observatory, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, Ireland
  • 3Aurora B.V., for European Space Agency, ESAC, Madrid, Spain
  • 4Rhea Group, for European Space Agency, ESAC, Madrid, Spain

Occultations of the Jovian low frequency radio emissions by the Galilean moons have been observed by the PWS (Plasma Wave Science, Gurnett et al. 1992) instrument of the Galileo spacecraft (Kurth et al. 1997). We use the ExPRES (Exoplanetary and Planetary Radio Emission Simulator) modelling code (Louis et al., 2019), which computes the location of the visible Jovian radio sources depending on the observers location. We show that this code accurately models the temporal occurrence of the occultations in the whole spectral range observed by Galileo/PWS. This validates of the ExPRES code on a new use case. In addition to supporting the analysis of the science observations, the method can be applied for preparing the JUICE moon flyby science operation planning (Cecconi et al. 2021).


  • Cecconi, Baptiste, Corentin K Louis, Claudio Muñoz Crego, and Claire Vallat. 2021. Jovian Auroral Radio Source Occultation Modelling and Application to the JUICE Science Mission Planning. PSS 209 (105344): 1–34.

  • Gurnett, D. A., W. S. Kurth, R. R. Shaw, A. Roux, R. Gendrin, C. F. Kennel, F. L. Scarf, & S. D. Shawhan (1992). The Galileo Plasma wave investigation. SSRv, 60(1-4), 341-355.

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How to cite: Cecconi, B., Louis, C. K., Muñoz Crego, C., and Vallat, C.: Jovian auroral radio source occultation modelling and application to the JUICE science mission planning, EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-2270,, 2022.


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