EGU General Assembly 2022
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Global surface and groundwater levels - hand measurements with a mobile app.

Dirk Diederen
Dirk Diederen
  • TU Delft, Water Management, Netherlands (
Water levels are a key ingredient for water resources management.
Surface water levels are monitored to manage open channels and rivers.
Groundwater levels are crucial to bridge times of drought and keep everything and everyone alive.
Worldwide, signals of changes in (ground)water levels are picked up by the GRACE satellite.
The development of groundwater use has led to depleted levels in many regions around the world [].
Coarse global data sets, provided by satellite gravity measurements, should be complemented with a global data set of accurate hand measurements.

Recently, we have launched our new public mobile app for (ground)water level measurements.
This means that now everyone can measure (ground)water levels, using their mobile phone.
Take a photo of a staffgauge, the surface water level will be returned!
Play a sound into a well/pvc pipe, the groundwater level will be returned!
Public measurements on this platform could hopefully lead to a consistent, global data set of high quality (ground)water level time series.

The app is currently available in the google play store as Mobile Water Manager.
Also, the app can be found at (chrome/safari - add to home screen for PWA).


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