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EGU General Assembly 2022
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Impact of different corner reflectors installation on InSAR time-series

Roland Horváth1, Bálint Magyar1,2, and Sándor Tóth1,2
Roland Horváth et al.
  • 1Lechner Non-Profit Ltd., Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Penc, Hungary (
  • 2Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Faculty of Civil Engineering - Department of Geodesy and Surveying, Budapest, Hungary

Identification of relatively stable ground control points is always difficult in satellite-based remote sensing microwave technology. In our case, we have analyzed the amplitude and phase of backscattered signal of artificial objects in the resolution cell. In 2020, we have temporarily installed a compact active transponder (CAT) to the top of the Satellite Geodetic Observatory (SGO). During this probation period we had tested the operation of this electronic corner reflector (ECR).

In November, 2021 we have deployed, adjusted and precisely aligned the CAT and also mounted a 90 cm inner leg of passive double-backflip triangular corner reflector pair (part of the Integrated Geodetic Reference Station) to serve as Persistent Scatterers. Hence, we have observed the behaviour of the complex microwave signal using interferometric synthetic aperture radar technique (InSAR), utilizing Sentinel-1 SAR high resolution images. We have concentrated to demonstrate the effect of the corner reflector (CR) installation: estimate the Signal-to-Clutter Ratio (SCR), calculate the Radar Cross Section (RCS), define the phase center in sub-pixel dimension over well-specified stack of time-series.

We are expecting and focusing to integrate the CRs as benchmarks, into our developing processing algorithm system to achieve more accurate results of surface displacement using ground control points. In addition, the function of this project is to contribute and ensure the extension of our passive corner reflector reference network (SENGA). In this paper, we present the interpretation of the recent outcomes.

How to cite: Horváth, R., Magyar, B., and Tóth, S.: Impact of different corner reflectors installation on InSAR time-series, EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-8417,, 2022.