EGU22-91, updated on 25 Mar 2022
EGU General Assembly 2022
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The role of teleconnections in complex climate network

Ruby Saha
Ruby Saha
  • IIT Madras, physics, Chennai, India (

A complex network provides a robust framework to statistically investigate the topology of local and long-range connections, i.e., teleconnections in climate dynamics. The Climate network is constructed from meteorological data set using the linear Pearson correlation coefficient to measure similarity between two regions. Long-range teleconnections connect remote geographical sites and are crucial for climate networks. In this study, we discuss that during El Ni\~no Southern Oscillation onset, the teleconnections pattern changes according to the episode's strength. The long-range teleconnections are significant and responsible for the episodes' extremum ONI attained gradually after onset. We quantify the betweenness centrality measurement and note that the teleconnection distribution pattern and the betweenness measurements fit well.

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