Magma-sediment interaction at the subseafloor: mechanisms and role in the Earth CPL-Cycles (Carbon-, Plate-, Life-Cycles)
Convener: Christophe Galerne | Co-conveners: Tara StephensECSECS, Tobias Hoefig, Ivano Aiello

The impact of magma-sediment interactions in the top wet sediments of active sedimentary basins is poorly quantified. Yet this accelerator of diagenetic processes, impacts important fields of geology ranging from potential ocean-climate disorder due to petroleum mobilization and emission, to catabolic power supply for deep microbial activity. With one end-member killing life and the other fueling it, can we derive the implications at the scale of the plate cycle? This session calls for contributions that help to understand the magma-sediment interaction processes in the first 500 m of active sedimentary basins and how it may play a major role the Earth CPL-Cycles (Carbon-, Plate-, Life-Cycles).