Tectono-thermal evolution of fossil and active sedimentary basins
Co-organized by SSP1
Convener: Thomas GusmeoECSECS | Co-conveners: Achraf AtouabatECSECS, Andrea Schito, Amanda VergaraECSECS, Chiara AmadoriECSECS

Birth, evolution, and demise of sedimentary basins result from the interplay of several factors such as the geodynamic/tectonic regime, stress field, thickness and thermal state of the lithosphere, rheological properties of both basement and sedimentary fill, and faults architecture. Integrated studies, including the analyses of structural setting and thermal maturity of stratigraphic successions, have shown to be successful in unravelling the tectonic evolution of active basins as well as fossil ones that have been later incorporated into orogenic belts.
In this session, we welcome contributions from researchers in all fields of geosciences, applying different analytical methods to the study of worldwide active and fossil sedimentary basins. These methods can include, but are not limited to, structural analyses (both on outcropping and subsurface rocks), thermal maturity assessments, fault dating, geochronological and thermochronological dating, and isotopic analyses on carbonates. Multidisciplinary approaches are greatly welcomed. The aim is to foster discussion on which are the best procedures to better understand the geological processes that drive the tectonic and thermal history of sedimentary basins and their surrounding regions.