Old Peat, New Voices: Insights into Global Peatland Research from Early Career Researchers
Convener: Liam Heffernan | Co-conveners: Scott J. Davidson, Martina Schlaipfer, Nicole Sanderson, Iuliia BurdunECSECS

Global, collaborative research has the potential to address substantial knowledge gaps in peatland science. The integration of insights across individual study sites and disciplines, including those from biogeosciences, hydrology, and global environmental change, can help resolve key unknowns regarding the response of global peatlands to projected disturbances. We are more technologically capable than ever to conduct this much needed collaborative work, and today’s early career researchers will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of peatland science. The goal of this session is to bring together early career peatland researchers (within 7 years post PhD) across scientific fields to emphasize the commonalities and differences in our findings across geographical regions and peatland type. We encourage interdisciplinary submissions comparing processes and spatio-temporal scales in peatlands worldwide and/or studies with management implications, but also welcome localized and methodologically specific studies which have broader implications.