EGU General Assembly 2023
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meteostations-geopy: a Pythonic interface to access data from meteorological stations

Martí Bosch
Martí Bosch
  • EPFL, ENAC, CEAT, Lausanne, Switzerland (

Observational meteorological data is central to understanding atmospheric processes, and is thus a key requirement for the calibration and validation of atmospheric and numerical weather prediction models. While recent decades have seen the development of notorious platforms to make satellite data easily accessible, observational meteorological data mostly remains scattered through the sites of regional and national meteorological service, each potentially offering different magnitudes, temporal coverage and data formats. 

In order to overcome these shortcomings, we propose meteostations-geopy, a Pythonic library to access data from meteorological stations. The central objective is to provide a common interface to retrieve observational meteorological data, therefore reducing the amount of time required to process and wrangle the data. The library interacts with APIs from different weather services, handling authentication if needed and transforming the requested information into geopandas data frames of geolocated and timestamped observations that are homogeneously structured independently of the provider. 

The project is currently in an early development stage with support for two providers only. Current and future work is organized in three interrelated main axes, namely integration of further providers, implementation of native support of distributed data structures and organization of the library into the intake technical structure with drivers, catalogs, metadata sharing and plugin packages that are provider specific.

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