EGU General Assembly 2023
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 "Global Deep Soil 2100" network - an update

Michael W. I. Schmidt1 and the Deep Soil 2100*
Michael W. I. Schmidt and the Deep Soil 2100
  • 1University of Zurich, Dept. Geography, Physical Geography, Zurich, Switzerland (
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“Global Deep Soil 2100” is a network for whole-ecosystem warming experiments. The aim of DeepSoil 2100 is to bring together researchers working on long-term experiments. The year ‘2100’ was chosen because IPCC scenarios run until 2100. We welcome whole ecosystem manipulations, warming down to one meter, with or without other manipulations such as water and carbon dioxide concentrations, and studying responses of plants, soil biogeochemistry, ecology, etc.

There are less than a dozen whole-ecosystem warming experiments but not all researchers know about each other. To introduce experiments and involved scientists, we started video meetings end of 2020. This effort brought together experimentalists, modelers and data users into this “whole-ecosystem warming network”, to share practical experience on field experiments, data reporting, discuss observations and results and explore synergies regarding tools, knowledge, and data sharing and interpretation. You can view previous meeting recordings here:

A first workshop to further data compilation and meta analysis and modeling is scheduled for March 2023. Further details and contact can be found on the webpage of the “International Soil Carbon Network”

Deep Soil 2100:

Boreal: Paul Hanson Iceland (ForHot): Andreas Richter, Ivan Janssens, Bjarni Sigurdsson Tibet permaforst: Yuan-He Yang Tibet grassland: Biao Zhou, Jin-Sheng He Northern hardwood forest: Serita Frey Temperate forest + grassland: Margaret Torn, Elaine Pegoraro Subalpine meadow: John Harte, Lara Kueppers Temperate Marshland: Patrick Megonigal, Roy Rich, Genevieve Noyce, Melissa Pastore Temperate Agriculture: Abad Chabbi Subtropical Grassland Hawaii: Susan Crow Tropical Forest Puerto Ricco: Tana Wood, Sasha Reed, Molly Cavaleri Tropical Forest Panama: Andrew Nottingham and,,,, Jennifer Soong

How to cite: Schmidt, M. W. I. and the Deep Soil 2100:  "Global Deep Soil 2100" network - an update, EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-2863,, 2023.