EGU General Assembly 2023
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Comparison of the Magnetic Field Inferred by SO/PHI-HRT and SDO/HMI

Jonas Sinjan1, Daniele Calchetti1, Johann Hirzberger1, Sami Khan Solanki1, Jose Carlos del Toro Iniesta2, Joachim Woch1, Achim Gandorfer1, Alberto Alvarez-Herrero3, Thierry Appourchaux4, Reiner Volkmer5, and David Orozco Suárez2
Jonas Sinjan et al.
  • 1Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen, Germany (
  • 2Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA)
  • 3Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aerospacial (INTA)
  • 4Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS)
  • 5Leibniz-Institute for Solar Physics (KIS)

Onboard the Solar Orbiter spacecraft is the Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (SO/PHI), which has two telescopes, a high resolution telescope (HRT) and the full disk telescope (FDT). The instrument is designed to infer the photospheric magnetic field through differential imaging of the polarised light emitted from the Sun. It is the first magnetograph to move out of the Sun-Earth Line, providing excellent stereoscopic opportunities with other ground and space based instruments. Of particular interest is the comparison between SO/PHI-HRT and the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO/HMI). They probe the same magnetically sensitive line of Fe1: 6173 Å and have the same aperture diameter. In March 2022 Solar Orbiter crossed the Sun-Earth line, providing an excellent opportunity for a comparison. Here a comparison between the magnetic fields, both line-of-sight and all three vector components, inferred by SDO/HMI and SO/PHI-HRT during the conjunction, are presented. 

How to cite: Sinjan, J., Calchetti, D., Hirzberger, J., Solanki, S. K., del Toro Iniesta, J. C., Woch, J., Gandorfer, A., Alvarez-Herrero, A., Appourchaux, T., Volkmer, R., and Orozco Suárez, D.: Comparison of the Magnetic Field Inferred by SO/PHI-HRT and SDO/HMI, EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-424,, 2023.

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