EGU General Assembly 2023
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The Deep Network: curating and co-producing quality ocean-education information for adults. 

Caroline Johansen
Caroline Johansen
  • Interchange Non-Profit gUG, Germany (

In order to successfully set the EU on the path to reach climate neutrality by 2050, it is essential to have communities on board and willing to make changes to act for a sustainable future. However, without courses focused on climate change on the core curriculum of most schools in Europe, many adults are under informed about the effects of climate change, and what can be done on an individual level to reach these goals. The impact of warming oceans are multifold and affect not only communities that directly boarder the sea, but all neighboring nations as well. The Deep Network project addresses the need for adults to become more aware of the problems regarding climate change and the ocean by curating an online ocean-education information hub. To accomplish this, a network will be built working in close partnership with researchers, ocean activists, industries, and professional adult educators to develop high quality, accessible educational material that covers a range of topics related to how human activities impact the ocean. Some of the topics covered in the Deep Network project include ocean pollution, rising sea levels, ocean warming/acidification, habitat destruction, fisheries, and tourism. Additionally, to engage communities to action and to maintain a sustained interest in marine science and conservation, “inspiring practices” will be promoted for each topic. These are examples of realistic actions or lifestyle changes that one can directly implement into one’s own life. Anthropogenic influences on the oceans directly affect us all in varying ways. The goal of The Deep Network project is to create a strong line of accessible communication, trust, and transparency between ocean research and the communities, to ensure that the responsibility of a sustainable future falls not on the scientists, activists, and industry partners alone. A well-informed community has the potential to make a difference in legislation and gives people the opportunity to make educated decisions to act for a sustainable future.

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