EGU General Assembly 2023
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Flood Modelling and Simulation using HEC-RAS

Mohd. Usman Saeed Khan, Maaz Abdullah, and Arisha Aslam Khan
Mohd. Usman Saeed Khan et al.
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Z.HC.E.T., Department of Civil Engineering, Aligarh, India (

Natural disasters are one of the main causes of worry for the majority of nations because they severely harm the global economy. One of the natural disasters that occur on a global scale that seriously damages infrastructure and claims thousands of lives is flooding. Due to its geographical location, India is one of the high-risk nations that is negatively impacted by floods every year. It ranks in the top 20% of countries worldwide for the number of flood-related fatalities. A natural tragedy cannot be prevented. However, if some preventative actions were taken in advance, a sizable portion of the potential damage may be prevented. Professionals and authorities need accurate figures regarding flood depth, amount of flow, scale, and distinct datasets in order to reduce and manage the effects of such catastrophes. The management of flood risk is heavily dependent on flood modelling. One of the many software tools that assists in computing the discharge, depth, magnitude, and statistics of rivers located in high-risk flood zones is HEC-RAS (Hydrologic Engineering Centre-River Analysis System).This study employed the Purna River's 1D hydrodynamic floods modelling (50 and 100 years out) on HEC-RAS and it has been found that the great portion of populated area will be affected in future. The goal of this study is to assess the prediction power and carry out a sensitivity analysis to identify the sensitive zones. This research project would enable different flood modelling and risk zone delineation for diverse flood-affected areas in India and around the world. In places affected by flooding, these technologies can also be used to create emergency response protocols.

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