Data driven discovery in mineralogy and geochemistry: Data resources, analytics, and visualization
Co-sponsored by IAMG
Convener: Behnam SadeghiECSECS | Co-conveners: Anirudh PrabhuECSECS, Xiaogang Ma, Shaunna Morrison

Data-driven discovery, including data analytics and visualization, has the potential for wide application and advancement in Earth and planetary sciences. Recent work has led to new directions in geosciences including geostatistics, mathematical geosciences, mineral informatics, geospatial and spatio-temporal data analysis, mineral prospectivity mapping and GIS, and machine-learning algorithms in 2D to 5D considering frequency, space, time, uncertainty, and any possible dimensions of the datasets. These methods increase the efficiency of scientific exploration and provide a great depth of understanding and interpretation of geo- and planetary systems. In this session, we welcome abstracts from (1) scientific results related to the application of any data analytics and visualization methods in mineralogy and geochemistry on Earth or other planetary bodies, (2) related methods and/or (3) data resources and infrastructure development that enables scientific exploration in mineralogy or geochemistry in Earth and planetary systems.