Research Infrastructures Services Reinforcing Air Quality Monitoring Capacities in European Urban & Industrial AreaS (RI-URBANS)
Convener: Tuukka Petäjä | Co-conveners: Xavier Querol, Marjan SavadkoohiECSECS

This session provides an overview of RI-URBANS that develops Service Tools (STs) from atmospheric Research Infrastructures (RIs) data that can address the challenges and societal needs concerning air quality (AQ) in European cities and industrial hotspots. Here we will showcase synergies between AQ Monitoring Networks (AQMNs) and RIs in the atmospheric domain and combine advanced science knowledge and innovative technologies. A specific focus is placed upon ambient nanoparticles and atmospheric particulate matter, their sizes, constituents, source contributions and gaseous precursors. We will provide novel insights into novel AQ parameters, source contributions, and their associated health effects to demonstrate the European added value of implementing the new service tools. The results builds on existing initiatives for advanced research-driven AQ observations at supersites from European cities with five implemented pilots in 9 cities. The RI-URBANS complies with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) data sharing principles. We explore upscaling and sustainability to the new air quality observations via interoperable services, using advanced instrumentation, modelling, source apportionment, integrated citizens observatories and mobile measurements.