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Utilizing AQUARIUS as Water Resource Management Software: A Decision Support Tool in the Operational Area of Jasa Tirta I State-Owned Enterprise, Indonesia

astria nugrahany, Rasyid Muhammad Amirul Muttaqin, and fahmi hidayat
astria nugrahany et al.
  • Jasa Tirta I State Owned Enterprise, Malang, Indonesia (

Perusahaan Umum Jasa Tirta I (PJT-I) is a State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia that focuses on Water Resources Management. Currently, PJT-I manages and utilizes water resources in five river basins under the jurisdiction of the Public Works and Housing Ministry. In conducting its business processes, PJT-I is highly influenced by hydroclimatic conditions, water availability, river basin conditions, and water quality. Therefore, the operational activities of PJT-I heavily rely on accurate data and information related to water resources. It is crucial for PJT-I to have the capability to access, analyze, and manage accurate and timely information to enhance the efficiency of water resource management. Hence, the company has implemented the AQUARIUS software as a decision support tool. The four main modules of AQUARIUS—Connect, Time-Series, Forecast, and WebPortal—are integrated into PJT-I to provide timely and reliable data for decision-makers. The AQ Connect module is responsible for managing the automatic extraction of time-series data from external sources. Meanwhile, the AQ Time-Series system is the core of AQUARIUS, serving as the primary platform for managing water resource data, including quantity and quality data, as well as meteorological information and other sensors. This system includes components such as the Time-Series Server, Database, Springboard, and Tools that work together to handle time-series data corrections without affecting raw data, the development of rating curves, derivation, and automatic data computation, as well as the production workflow and data publication from various data sources. AQUARIUS Forecast, as a flexible modeling environment, is specifically designed for river system modeling, processing, and time-series simulation. This module can incorporate complex operational rules into the model, replicating specific operational requirements such as reservoir rules, environmental releases, and water allocation. Finally, AQUARIUS WebPortal is a browser-based information and data presentation system that integrates various aspects of data collection, data storage, reporting, data computation, and data management, providing an efficient real-time information display. With this implementation, PJT-I can be more effective and efficient in managing water resources, enhancing the overall performance of the company. The implementation of AQUARIUS currently provides real-time information on 16 parameters of water resource from a total of 324 sensors and observations managed by PJT-I. Graphical customization of all observation data and its derivatives serves as a decision support tool. Real-time alert notifications from forecasts and monitoring of parameter conditions prepare PJT-I to handle disaster actions. Thus, the implementation of AQUARIUS has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of water resource management by PJT-I overall.

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