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Mapping the Landscape of Research on Wind Disturbance in Forests: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Review

Wen Gao and Markku Larjavaara
Wen Gao and Markku Larjavaara
  • University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, The Department of Forest Sciences , Helsinki, Finland (

Forests are susceptible to sudden disturbances, particularly those induced by wind, which can cause ecological and economic losses. Researchers have published a large number of articles from different disciplines and perspectives, leading to multidisciplinary intersections and increased literature in this field, which reduces the efficiency of traditional literature review. Employing quantitative techniques, bibliometric analysis has a great advantage in analyzing large amounts of literature and providing a visualized overview of the development and trends of the research field. This study conducted a comprehensive bibliometric analysis to elucidate the evolving landscape of research on forest wind disturbance. The methodology involved a systematic data collection process from the Web of Science Core Collection, resulting in the identification of 839 relevant publications for bibliometric analysis. The results show that there has been a consistent and steady growth in publications, with a distinct spike corresponding to Hurricane Hugo. Publications have mostly come from the United States, which also possesses the leadership in international collaboration. The standout topics include windthrow, tree motion during windstorms, European forests, wind damage risk estimation, hurricanes' impact on forests, and the long-term impacts of wind disturbances. Furthermore, four prospective directions for future research are identified, including studies into hurricanes, forest structure, climate change, and typhoon-related impacts. Our research collectively contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic landscape of forest wind disturbance research, providing a foundation for future research and strategic planning in this critical field.

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