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EGU General Assembly 2024
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Advancements in Seismic Data Integration and Stochastic Simulation for Geological Modeling in PZero

Waqas Hussain and Andrea Bistacchi
Waqas Hussain and Andrea Bistacchi
  • Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca, DISAT

Seismic data integration plays a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of geological modelling

software. Our current research focuses on the improvement of seismic interpretation tools within the

PZero software in the framework of the Geosciences IR project lead by the Italian Geological

Survey GitHub - andrea-bistacchi/PZero. The objective is to seamlessly incorporate seismic data

into the geological modelling workflow, enabling more comprehensive and accurate models of

subsurface structures.

The initial phase of our work involved using various libraries to import and analyze seismic

datasets, either 2D or 3D within the PZero framework. We have successfully achieved the

importation of SEGY files into PZero, marking a significant milestone in our efforts. Integrating

seismic data is a crucial step that sets the foundation for constructing detailed geological models,

allowing us to enhance our understanding of subsurface geological features.

Soon, our research trajectory aims to develop advanced algorithms for stochastic simulation tailored

explicitly for modelling clastic sedimentary alluvial plains. The ongoing work includes developing

advanced stochastic simulation algorithms tailored for modelling clastic sedimentary environments,

relevant to both conventional energy resources and emerging sustainable energy storage solutions.

These advancements in seismic data integration and simulation within PZero will significantly

contribute to the field of reservoir modelling. They provide a robust framework for predicting the

behavior of subsurface energy storage systems, which is pivotal in the transition to a low-carbon

energy future.

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