EGU24-3198, updated on 08 Mar 2024
EGU General Assembly 2024
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Estimating Hourly Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Across Asia Using Data from the GEMS Geostationary Satellite

Paul Palmer1,2, Fei Yao1,2, Daven Henze3, Rokjin Park4, and Gitaek Lee4
Paul Palmer et al.
  • 1National Centre for Earth Observation, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3FF, UK
  • 2School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3FF, UK
  • 3Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA
  • 4School of Earth and Environmental Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Conventional bottom-up emission inventories for atmospheric pollutants suffer from infrequent updates and substantial uncertainties. The Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) now provides columnar measurements for key atmospheric pollutants, including tropospheric O3, aerosols, and their precursors (NO2, SO2, HCHO, and glyoxal), on an hourly basis throughout the sunlit day, with a nominal spatial resolution of a few kilometres. These satellite data represent new constraints to determine top-down estimates of air pollutant emissions, providing complementary information to the bottom-up inventories. Collectively, bottom-up and top-down information provide better actionable information to develop more effective air pollution mitigation strategies. To demonstrate this, we infer emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx=NO+NO2) across Asia from GEMS column observations of NO2 by using the adjoint of GEOS-Chem atmospheric chemical transport model. We explore diurnal variations in NOx emissions across diverse Asian cities, assessing their implications for emission policy formulation. Additionally, we conduct a critical evaluation of our top-down estimates of NOx emissions by comparing model simulations of NO2, driven by these estimates, with independent observations of NO2 throughout the region.

How to cite: Palmer, P., Yao, F., Henze, D., Park, R., and Lee, G.: Estimating Hourly Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Across Asia Using Data from the GEMS Geostationary Satellite, EGU General Assembly 2024, Vienna, Austria, 14–19 Apr 2024, EGU24-3198,, 2024.