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EGU General Assembly 2024
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Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem - Platform That Enables Federated Earth Observation Services and Applications

Grega Milcinski1, Jan Musial2, Jacek Leszczenski2, Dennis Clarijs3, and Jurry de la Mar4
Grega Milcinski et al.
  • 1Sinergise, Ljubljana, Slovenia (
  • 2CloudFerro, Warsaw, Poland (
  • 3VITO, Mol, Belgium (
  • 4T-Systems, Darmstadt, Germany (

The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem (CDSE), a pivotal initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) and funded by the European Commission, represents a groundbreaking advancement in Earth Observation (EO). It is an integral part of the ambitious Copernicus Programme, which has revolutionized EO data access and utilization across various sectors. The CDSE is more than a mere data repository; it is a collaborative platform where knowledge, expertise, and resources are shared and enhanced. This ecosystem approach is transforming the EO landscape, encouraging a more inclusive and participatory model where researchers, policymakers, businesses, and citizen scientists contribute to and benefit from the wealth of EO data. The CDSE stands as a beacon of international cooperation and a driver for sustainable development, setting new standards for leveraging EO data in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges.

Central to the CDSE is its commitment to federation and cooperation, offering a flexible framework for integration and participation to data providers, remote sensing experts, and application developers. This approach fosters innovation and collaboration, ensuring that the ecosystem benefits from a diverse range of contributions. Data providers can upload their data to the ecosystem’s object storage, making it available to CDSE users under free or commercial conditions. This not only enhances the CDSE’s data repository but also expands the providers' reach. Remote sensing experts contribute their algorithms and workflows to the openEO Algorithm Plaza, a collaborative space for sharing and enhancing EO technologies and applications. Application developers can utilize CDSE's infrastructure and data to create solutions for specific needs like agricultural monitoring, demonstrating the ecosystem’s potential for application development.

The CDSE's principle of federation extends beyond individual contributors to collaborations with other platform providers, enhancing the range of services and capabilities available to users. These partnerships are crucial for the ecosystem's growth, ensuring access to the best tools and data. The governance of the Data Space Ecosystem incorporates several third-party commercial providers and is designed to grow with additional contributions. It is based on European values of data sovereignty and privacy, ensuring trust, collaboration, and sustainability. The ecosystem maintains a clear distinction between publicly funded services and third-party offerings, both free and commercial. This open and federated approach makes CDSE a comprehensive solution for EO needs and solidifies its position as a leader in the EO community.

How to cite: Milcinski, G., Musial, J., Leszczenski, J., Clarijs, D., and de la Mar, J.: Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem - Platform That Enables Federated Earth Observation Services and Applications, EGU General Assembly 2024, Vienna, Austria, 14–19 Apr 2024, EGU24-4942,, 2024.