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AGEMERA AI: Innovative AI solution for responsible resource exploration

Barbara Stimac Tumara and Taras Matselyukh
Barbara Stimac Tumara and Taras Matselyukh
  • OPT/NET B.V., Netherlands (

In the context of the AGEMERA project (European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101058178), OPT/NET introduced the AGEMERA Platform as an extension to its flagship product, MONITORED AITM. AGEMERA's core objectives include unlocking the EU's resource potential, enhancing public awareness of critical raw materials, and fostering environmentally and socially responsible mineral exploration.

OPT/NET solutions deliver exceptional user experience through an intuitive AI-driven interface, streamlining the complex processes of remote sensing data acquisition and data fusion to boost productivity by merging AI processing and automation with human problem-solving skills. The AI engine optimally harnesses heterogeneous Earth Observation data (predominantly  Copernicus Programme) and analysis-ready data from multiple heterogeneous and multimodal sources, promoting responsible mineral exploration and addressing environmental concerns, resulting in an interactive user-friendly web platform.

The platform is structured around three main modules:

  • OCLI 

Serving as the backend, OCLI manages data mining processes and automates functions, such as data acquisition, preprocessing, image processing, thorough workflows known as AI Knowledge Packs (AIKPs). OCLI collects relevant satellite data products, prepares analysis-ready data (ARD) cubes, and acts as the foundation for multi-source data fusion.

  • AGEMERA Geo-Suite Graphical User Interface 

As the frontend module, this web-based platform offers a general data repository and visualization in Cloud Optimized data formats. Powered by OGC standards compliant web services, it enables interactive exploration of extensive datasets for the public and mine site operators and owners. The conversational AI agent assists in easy navigation through the extensive collection of the data and insights in the platform, while the data itself is secured with various authentication and authorization access levels.

  • Data Repository

Comprised of bulk data warehouse enriched with INSPIRE nomenclature compliant metadata, the Data Repository employs Cloud Object Storage Service as the primary storage solution. This service provides web-based access to the object storage, ensuring efficient data access from any web browser.

OPT/NET's AI platform, exemplified in the AGEMERA project, stands as a pioneering solution seamlessly integrating AI processing, heterogeneous data fusion, human problem-solving, and advanced data management for generation of impactful insights and responsible resource exploration.

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