ESSI2.5 | Digital Twins of the Earth System
Digital Twins of the Earth System
Convener: Joern Hoffmann | Co-conveners: Claudia VitoloECSECS, Danaele PuechmailleECSECS

Advances in computational capacities, technologies in modelling and information systems and increasing availability of observational data have given rise to ideas to apply the concept of digital twins to the Earth system and its components. Different projects or initiatives are now working to develop information systems that not only employ and advance state-of-the-art simulation systems, but also allow their users to interact with these systems more directly, e.g. by configuring or initiating simulations, coupling models with additional data streams and workflows, visualizing simulations interactively. Applications in a wide variety of sectors stand to benefit from these developments, including disaster risk management, climate adaptation, agriculture and forestry, renewable energy, public health management, and others.

This session invites contributions on current developments in Digital Twin initiatives. These may focus on technology developments and challenges, data management, interactivity tools, or application demonstrations.