GM6.5 | Drivers and rates of denudation across spatiotemporal scales


Drivers and rates of denudation across spatiotemporal scales | PICO
Co-sponsored by IAG
Convener: Achim A. Beylich | Co-conveners: Zbigniew Zwoliński, Nurit Shtober-Zisu, Ting ZhangECSECS, Eliza PlaczkowskaECSECS

The process of denudation is the most common process that modifies the Earth's surface. It has many different manifestations, intensities and frequencies. The session is dedicated to these issues. We look forward to oral, poster and PICO presentations that will show the diversity and variability of denudation processes around the world from local to global scales, from short-term to long-term processes. A still open problem for discussion is the magnitude and frequency of processes eroding the Earth's surface. Let's pinpoint the morphogenetic factors contributing to the activation and course of denudational dominant and secondary processes responsible for shaping the Earth's surface in the past, present and future. Increasingly accurate methods of estimating the rate of dynamics of denudational processes provide opportunities to better predict the near and distant future in Earth's history.
The session is co-organised by the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) Working Group on Denudation and Environmental Changes in Different Morphoclimatic Zones (DENUCHANGE).