Oral Programme ASI6


Atmospheric measurements from local to regional scale: The role of field experiments
Convener: F. Beyrich  | Co-Conveners: F. C. Bosveld , H. de Bruin 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 12 Sep, 14:00–18:30  / Room Oxford
 / Tue, 13 Sep, 08:30–10:30  / Room Oxford
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 13 Sep, 18:30–19:30  / Poster Hall (Ground Floor)

Monday, 12 September 2011
Room Oxford
Chairperson: Fred Bosveld
Larger Field Experiments

EMS2011-105 | presentation
Experiments in meteorology and further developments (solicited)
T. Foken
Observations of Diurnal Cycles in West Africa during the AMMA field campaign
A. Gounou, F. Couvreux, F. Guichard, and A. Boone
EMS2011-525 | presentation
Application of a high resolution network of meteorological stations during COPS
N. Filipović, R. Steinacker, M. Dorninger, and L. Tüchler
EMS2011-114 | presentation
Robust aerosol indirect effects inferred from remotely-sensed marine stratocumulus cloud properties acquired during VOCALS
P. Zuidema, D. Leon, and D. Painemal
EMS2011-718 | presentation
The FluxSAP 2010 hydroclimatological experimental campaign over an heterogeneous urban area
P. Mestayer, I. Bagga, I. Calmet, G. Fontanilles, D. Gaudin, J.H. Lee, T. Piquet, J.-M. Rosant, K. Chancibault, L. Lebouc, L. Letellier, M.-L. Mosini, F. Rodriguez, J.-M. Rouaud, M. Sabre, Y. Tétard, A. Brut, J.-L. Selves, P.-A. Solignac, Y. Brunet, S. Dayau, M. Irvine, J.-P. Lagouarde, Z. Kassouk, P. Launeau, O. Connan, P. Defenouillère, M. Goriaux, D. Hébert, B. Letellier, D. Mario, G. Najjar, F. Nerry, C. Quentin, R. Biron, J.-M. Cohard, J. Galvez, and P. Klein
EMS2011-612 | presentation
The Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence 2011 field experiment
M. Lothon, F. Lohou, P. Durand, F. Couvreux, D. Legain, E. Pardyjak, J. Vilà-Guerau de Arellano, J. Reuder, D. Pino, P. Augustin, T. Aschenbrenner, A. van de Boer, J. Cuxart, A. Dabas, L. Fleury, F. Gibert, B. Gioli, O. Hartogensis, A. van den Kroonenberg, and Y. Seity and the BLLAST participants
Towards a validation of scintillometer measurements: The LITFASS-2009 and LITFASS-2012 experiments
F. Beyrich, J. Bange, A. Moene, S. Raasch, M. Braam, D. Gräf, O. Hartogensis, B. van Kesteren, A. van den Kroonenberg, B. Maronga, and S. Martin
Coffee Break
Process Studies

The ARPA meteorological stations of Lazio (Italy): preliminary results after one year measurements
A. Bolignano, I. Pietroni, M. Spada, C. Sorgentone, I. Petenko, M. Morelli, R. Sozzi, and S. Argentini
Measurement and quality control of atmosphere-forest exchange processes at the new TERENO site Wüstebach
C. Drüe, A. Graf, G. Heinemann, and T. Pütz
17:00–17:15 EMS2011-477
Measurements of energy and water vapor fluxes over typical surfaces in the Hai River Basin, China (withdrawn)
Z.W. Xu, S.M. Liu, Z.L. Zhu, and T.R. Xu
EMS2011-648 | presentation
Regional Scale Flux Observations at Cabauw.
F. C. Bosveld
Short time variability in the structure parameter of temperature
M. Braam, F. Beyrich, and A.F. Moene
Influence of changes in surface properties on the atmospheric parameters - measurements by a helicopter borne probe
Y. Breitenbach and J. Bange
EMS2011-476 | presentation
Feasibility study of using an unmanned aerial vehicle to measure entrainment processes
S. Martin, J. Bange, and F. Beyrich
Fog Detection at the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research by Means of Sensor Synergy
R. Boers, H. Klein Baltink, J. Hemink, F. Bosveld, D. Donovan, and M. Moerman

Tuesday, 13 September 2011
Room Oxford
Chairperson: Henk de Bruin
Sensors and System Characterisation

The importance of inter-comparison field experiments in WMO CIMO and its implication at the national level (solicited)
B. Calpini
Mixing height retrievals from automatic profiling lidars and ceilometers in view of future integrated networks in Europe
M. Haeffelin and the EU COST Action 0702
EMS2011-638 | presentation
Validation of wind profiles retrieved by the new Long-Range Windcube with Wind Profiler Radar and Radiosonde measurements at the Lindenberg GRUAN site
B. Stiller, V. Lehmann, R. Leinweber, S. Lolli, L. Sauvage, and L. Wagner
High Resolution Continuous Atmospheric Monitoring using MicroRadarNet: an Application to the Identification and Nowcasting of Local Precipitation Events
S. Turso, S. Paolella, M. Gabella, and G. Perona
What is the wind speed accuracy of SODARs?
S. Bradley and T. Mikkelsen
In situ measurements of the temperature structure parameter over a heterogeneous land surface
A.C. van den Kroonenberg, S. Martin, F. Beyrich, and J. Bange
EMS2011-16 | presentation
Combining fixed and mobile surface observations into a hybrid system
P. Saarikivi