Poster Programme ASI11


Environmental Meteorology (from local to global)
Convener: S. M. Joffre  | Co-Conveners: M. Piringer , P. Builtjes , A. Baklanov 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 15 Sep, 11:00–19:00  / Room Princeton
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 15 Sep, 16:00–17:00  / Poster Hall (Ground Floor)

Attendance Time: Thursday, 15 September 2011, 16:00–17:00
Poster Hall (Ground Floor)
Chairperson: Alexander Baklanov
PH120 EMS2011-377
Urban air quality forecasting system for Budapest (withdrawn)
Z. Ferenczi, K. Labancz, and R. Steib

PH121 EMS2011-786
Evaluation of anthropogenic influence on thermodynamics, gas and aerosol composition of city air (withdrawn)
N. Uzhegova, B. Belan, G. Ivlev, P. Antokhin, A. Kozlov, and A. Fofonov

Analyses and Forecasting of Urban PM10 Air Pollution Episode in Very Stable Conditions in Istanbul, Turkey on 6-9 November 2010
A. Kahraman, S. Tilev Tanriover, S. Incecik, A. Deniz, H. Toros, H. M. Celebi, A. Ozturk, and I. Sezen

The intensity of urban heat island in July in 2010 and the quality of air in the agglomerations of Gdansk and Szczecin
M. Czarnecka and J. Nidzgorska - Lencewicz

PH124 EMS2011-336
Self-Similarity of Pollutant Plume Dispersion Over Idealized Two-Dimensional Urban Street Canyons (withdrawn)
C.-H. Liu and C.C.C. Wong

EMS2011-10 | presentation
Spatial layout of forecasted extreme temperatures in the city of Murcia (Spain)
E. Hernandez

Coupling FEPS, WRF and CALPUFF to assess forest fires air quality impact in Castilla y León (Spain)
M. Ceperuelo and M. Picanyol

Variability of aerosol optical properties and their radiative effect over the Mediterranean region
E. Nikitidou and A. Kazantzidis

Estimating future ozone fluxes in different European climate regions
E. Komjáthy, R. Mészáros, and I. Lagzi

Estimation of aerosol optical properties and their effect on UV irradiance at Uccle, Belgium
E. Nikitidou, V. De Bock, H. De Backer, and A. Kazantzidis

PH130 EMS2011-568
Understanding the global distribution of tropospheric ozone derived from SCIAMACHY limb-nadir-matching observations (withdrawn)
F. Ebojie, C. Savigny, A. Ladstätter-Weissenmayer, S. Bötel, H. Bovensmann, and J. Burrows

EMS2011-337 | presentation
Seasonal Characterisation of Tropospheric Ozone and Water Vapour Accumulation Cycles in the Mediterranean Basins
F. Rovira Lluch, J.L. Palau, and M. Millán

EMS2011-415 | presentation
Study of the effect of spatial resolution and boundary layer scheme on the simulated meteorological fields and pollutant levels in the Valencia region (Western Mediterranean)
N. Castell, A. L. Torres, L. Téllez, and E. Mantilla

EMS2011-281 | presentation
Use of National Emission Inventories for air quality modelling and development of emission reduction plans
N. Castell, A. L. Torres, and E. Mantilla

Local scale statistical analysis of the accidental release from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
Á. Leelőssy, I. Lagzi, and R. Mészáros