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Meteorological processes, atmospheric composition and pollution
Convener: Sylvain M. Joffre  | Co-Conveners: Martin Piringer , Charles Chemel , Martijn Schaap , Alexander Baklanov 
 / Mon, 06 Oct, 14:00–19:00  / Room Tycho
 / Attendance Mon, 06 Oct, 16:00–17:00  / Display Mon, 06 Oct, 09:00–Wed, 08 Oct, 13:00  / Meridian Right Front

Display time: Monday, 6 October 2014 09:00–Wednesday, 8 October 13:00
Attendance Time: Monday, 6 October 2014, 16:00–17:00
Meridian Right Front
Chairperson: Martin Piringer
High resolution dynamical-climate modeling of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere region over Europe: GEM-AC simulations for current climate with and without aviation emissions.
Magdalena Porebska, Joanna Struzewska, and Jacek W. Kaminski

Meridian Right Front
The Ambient Air Quality Change during Typhoon Period in the Korean Peninsula
Suk-Hee Ahn, Seung-Wook Lee, Ki-Jun Park, Jeoung-Yun Kim, and Baek-Jo Kim

Meridian Right Front
Traffic Emissions And Solar Radiation Effect On Formation Of The Ozone
Deniz Hazel Diren and Hüseyin Toros

Meridian Right Front
RF18 EMS2014-394
Assessment of Air Pollution Distribution in Kirikkale with Dispersion Model (withdrawn)
Ayşenur Bozer, Gizem Nur Kandilci, Emre Korkmaz, and Hüseyin Toros

Meridian Right Front
RF19 EMS2014-406
Evaluation of Dispersion Model: A case study of Air Pollution Dispersion in Eskişehir (withdrawn)
Gizem Nur Kandilci, Ayşenur Bozer, Emre Korkmaz, and Hüseyin Toros

Meridian Right Front
The Effects of Meteorological Parameters on Air Pollution in a Megacity, Istanbul
beytiye derya aydın

Meridian Right Front
EMS2014-582 | presentation
Modeling of birch pollen concentrations using Enviro-Hirlam
Alexander Kurganskiy, Alexander Mahura, Roman Nuterman, Alix Rasmussen, Alexander Baklanov, Sergei Smyshlyaev, and Eigil Kaas

Meridian Right Front
RF22 EMS2014-151
Modelling of Cs-137 accidental release after Chornobyl over Ukraine (withdrawn)
Oleg Skrynyk and Yurii Hrytsyuk

Meridian Right Front
Differences among ozone lamina characteristics expressed in partial pressure and mixing ratio.
Peter Krizan and Michal Kozuibek

Meridian Right Front
EMS2014-222 | presentation
Trend Analysis in the MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth over Turkey
Yasar Burak Oztaner, Burcu Guney, and Ceyhan Kahya

Meridian Right Front
EMS2014-86 | presentation
UV and Global solar irradiance measurements and analysis during the Marsaxlokk (Malta) campaign
Julia Bilbao, Roberto Román, Charles Yousif, David Mateos, and Argimiro de Miguel

Meridian Right Front
Characterization of air flow patterns at the Atmospheric Station Křešín u Pacova
Kateřina Hošková, Pavel Sedlák, Alice Dvorská, and Pavel Prošek