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Communication of uncertainty in seasonal prediction and climate projection
Convener: Haleh Kootval  | Co-Conveners: Anca Brookshaw , Tanja Cegnar 
 / Thu, 09 Oct, 16:30–18:30  / Room Tycho
 / Attendance Thu, 09 Oct, 10:30–11:30  / Display Wed, 08 Oct, 15:00–Fri, 10 Oct, 14:00  / Meridian Right Front

Display time: Wednesday, 8 October 2014 15:00–Friday, 10 October 14:00
Attendance Time: Thursday, 9 October 2014, 10:30–11:30
Meridian Right Front
Chairperson: A. Brookshaw
EMS2014-437 | presentation
The user perspective of seasonal forecast in Basque Country
Joseba Egaña and Santiago Gaztelumendi

EMS2014-658 | presentation
Transdisciplinary communication and stakeholder integration in climate change adaptation - a systematic literature review
Jo-Ting Huang, Matthias Bergmann, Carina Brinkmann, Simone Rödder, and Susanne Schuck-Zöller