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Urban Climate
Convener: Martin Wattenbach  | Co-Convener: Sascha Henninger 
 / Wed, 09 Sep, 14:00–16:00  / Room Vitosha
 / Attendance Wed, 09 Sep, 16:15–17:00  / Display Mon, 07 Sep, 09:00–Wed, 09 Sep, 18:00  / Sofia I

Display time: Monday, 7 September 2015 09:00–Wednesday, 9 September 18:00
Attendance Time: Wednesday, 9 September 2015, 16:15–17:00
Sofia I
Chairperson: Martin Rumberg
P51 EMS2015-3
Silver-linden trees - the perfect urban tree specie? (withdrawn)
Timo Wundsam and Sascha M. Henninger

EMS2015-195 | presentation
On the Development of Urban Adaptation Strategies Using Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation – Impact Evaluation
Daša Srbová, Jana Blumelova, Premysl Derbek, Jaroslav Resler, Pavel Jurus, and Pavel Hrubes

Impact of the Land-Use Data on the Simulation of the Bucharest Urban Heat Island Using the WRF Modelling System
Amalia Iriza, Sabina Stefan, and Rodica Claudia Dumitrache

P54 EMS2015-479
Analysis of Bucharest’s Urban Heat Island between 1961 - 2013 (withdrawn)
Simona Andrei, Sabina Stefan, Nicu Barbu, and Valentin Florin Benciu

Climate change adaptation potentials in Budapest – the roles of block rehabilitation and urban vegetation
Csenge Dian, Cathy Fricke, Zsuzsanna Dezső, Judit Bartholy, and Rita Pongrácz