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Reducing Weather Risks to Transport: air, sea and land
Convener: fraser ralston  | Co-Convener: Christine Le Bot 
 / Tue, 05 Sep, 14:00–16:00  / Blue Room
 / Attendance Wed, 06 Sep, 18:00–19:30  / Display Tue, 05 Sep, 13:00–Wed, 06 Sep, 19:30  / Poster area

Display time: Tuesday, 5 September 2017 13:00–Wednesday, 6 September 19:30
Attendance Time: Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 18:00–19:30
Poster area
EMS2017-436 | presentation
Advanced Visualization System for Road Weather Station Data and Forecasts as a Support for CHMI Forecasting Service
Jan Sulan and Miroslav Skuthan

EMS2017-612 | presentation
Road weather forecasting – ICEWARN model
Pavel Sedlak, Vojtech Bliznak, Petr Pesice, Lukas Pop, Daniela Rezacova, Miroslav Skuthan, Zbynek Sokol, and Petr Zacharov