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Cooperation with weather and climate services in developing and emerging countries
Convener: Stefanie Gubler  | Co-Conveners: Noëmi Imfeld , Victor Venema (deceased), Gerard van der Schrier 
 / Tue, 04 Sep, 16:30–19:00  / Room E238
 / Attendance Wed, 05 Sep, 09:30–10:30  / Display Mon, 03 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 05 Sep, 12:30  / Poster area

Tuesday, 4 September 2018
Room E238
Chairperson: Stefanie Gubler, Victor Venema
Co-development of national climate services – learning from working together (solicited)
Jane Strachan, Chris Hewitt, and Joe Daron
WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme 50 Years on
Mary Power, Kuniyuki Shida, and Lina Sjaavik
EMS2018-184 | presentation
AEMET International Meteorological Cooperation
Jorge Tamayo
EMS2018-512 | presentation
Implementation of the Global Framework of Climate Services (GFCS) at the national level – Experiences from assessing the baseline of Climate Services in developing and emerging countries within the context of the IKI CSI project
Daniel Funk, Pierre Fritzsche, Niklas Baumert, Katharina Lotzen, Benjamin Hodick, and Stefan Rösner
EMS2018-543 | presentation
The Indonesian - Dutch collaboration project JCP: never a dull moment.
Gerard van der Schrier, Hidde Leijnse, Ronald Vernimmen, JanJaap Brinkman, Ge Verver, Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, and Iqbal Tawakal
EMS2018-82 | presentation
Building sustainable development through cooperative capacity building.
Hans Olav Hygen, Kristine Gjesdal, Gunnar Noer, and Audun Christoffersen
EMS2018-859 | presentation
User-tailored seasonal forecasts for agriculture – creating socio-economic benefit through climate services in the Andes
Sara de Ventura, Stefanie Gubler, Grinia Avalos, Andrea Rossa, Marlene Dapozzo, Moritz Flubacher, Teresa Garcia, Mark Liniger, Karim Quevedo, Nelly Paredes, Cornelia Schwierz, Katrin Sedlmeier, Noemi Imfeld, Hugo Ramos, and Christoph Spirig
EMS2018-316 | presentation
Improving agrometeorological services for farmers in Niger
Vieri Tarchiani, Moussa Labo, Aissatou Sitta, Lawan Gaptia Katiellou, and Maurizio Bacci
Evaluation of Open, Reproducible, Low-cost and Non-conventional Weather monitoring System
Massimiliano Cannata, Daniele Strigaro, Mirko Cardoso, Rangajeewa Ratnayake, and Imran Sahid
EMS2018-858 | presentation
Developing user-centric climate services for more resilient agricultural communities in Peru
Moritz Flubacher, Filippo Lechthaler, Noemi Imfeld, Mario Rohrer, Lizet Cristobal, Hugo Ramos, and Andrea Rossa