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Climate change in mountainous areas
Convener: Sándor Szalai  | Co-Conveners: Idoia Arauzo , Juan Terrádez Mas 
 / Wed, 05 Sep, 16:30–18:00  / Room E238
 / Attendance Thu, 06 Sep, 09:30–10:30  / Display Wed, 05 Sep, 13:30–Fri, 07 Sep, 13:30  / Poster area

Display time: Wednesday, 5 September 2018 13:30–Friday, 7 September 13:30
Attendance Time: Thursday, 6 September 2018, 09:30–10:30
Poster area
Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
Climate monitoring in a high-mountain country - Long-term area-mean temperature series for Switzerland and three major sub-regions ranging back to 1864
Michael Begert and Christoph Frei

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
GuMNet - The Guadarrama Monitoring Network initiative (Spain)
Cristina Vegas Cañas and the GuMNet Consortium Team

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
P.117 EMS2018-483
Monitoring snowbed vegetation in the Pyrenees: FLORAPYR Interreg project (withdrawn after no-show)
Olicard Ludovic, Illa estela, Komac Benjamin, and Argagnon Olivier

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
Ground temperature monitoring of the Earth’s highest mountain desert: thermal regime and ground ice on the Ojos del Salado (6893 m)
Balázs Nagy, József Kovács, Ádám Ignéczi, Szabolcs Beleznai, László Mari, Zoltán Szalai, Tamás Weidinger, and Hajnalka Breuer

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
Impacts of Climate Change on Mountain Geosystems in Eastern Canada: Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Approach
Daniel Germain, Gautier Davesne, Daniel Fortier, James Gray, and Guillaume Fortin

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
Trends and variability of climate indices for the agricultural sector in the southern Peruvian highlands
Noemi Imfeld, Katrin Sedlmeier, Stefanie Gubler, Christoph Spirig, Karim Quevedo, Carla Oria, and Cornelia Schwierz

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
Local and regional rainfall thresholds for landsliding in the Serra do Mar, Brazil: statistical and environmental analyses.
Daniel Germain and Sebastien Roy

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
P.122 EMS2018-709
Climate variability and water management in the Cantabrian Range (N Spain) (withdrawn after no-show)
Carolina Garmendia, Domingo Rasilla, and Carolina Yedra

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
P.123 EMS2018-729
Influence of a valley exit jet on the nocturnal atmospheric boundary-layer at the foothills of the Pyrenees (withdrawn)
Maria Antonia Jiménez, Daniel Martínez-Villagrasa, and Joan Cuxart

Chairperson: Sandor Szalai
P.124 EMS2018-734
The Cerdanya Cold Pool programme (CCP1x): an integrated study on cold-air pooling and drainage flows in the largest Pyrenean valley (withdrawn)
Daniel Martínez-Villagrasa, Joan Cuxart, Gemma Simó, Maria Antonia Jiménez, Belén Martí, Josep Ramon Miró, Laura Conangla, Burkhard Wrenger, Alexandre Paci, and Rodrigo Picos