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ES1.6 | Physical Climate Storylines to inform decision making.
Physical Climate Storylines to inform decision making.
Conveners: Linda van Garderen, Marina Baldissera Pacchetti | Co-conveners: Rohit Ghosh, Bart van den Hurk, Suraje Dessai
Physical climate storylines (PCS) are physically self-consistent unfoldings of past events, or of plausible future events. PCS have multimple aims, e.g. to inform stakeholders about the possible impact chains of climate hazards by either complementing or replacing probabilistic approaches to representing uncertainty about future climate. The can also serve as an alternative approach to investigating the role of climate change on extreme events. In many cases, developing PCS involves combining the analysis of model output and observations at varying spatiotemporal scales – and, in particular, the output of climate and weather prediction models. For this session, we encourage submissions that develop one of the following: (i) physical climate storylines to address information needs of stakeholders for climate risk assessment and management, (ii) critical/evaluative perspectives on existing storyline methods, including those developed for extreme event attribution (iii) critical perspectives on the PCS approach that evaluate their merits and shortcomings as tools for stakeholder engagement and/or tools for delivering information targeted to their intended users.