WS1.1 | Data demo: Analysis of drought and wildfires in Europe using Copernicus data - Session 1: Data discovery


Due to high demand and limited capacities onsite, you can no longer indicate your interest during registration, this was only possible during the early registration. Thank you very much for your understanding.

This workshop will consist of two parts which are planned as lunch events of 1 hour each on two consecutive days (likely Wednesday and Thursday):

Session 1: Data discovery for droughts and wildfires
▪ Introduction to climate data: from observations (satellite, in-situ) to modelled data of previous decades (reanalysis), future predictions, and climate projections under future scenarios.
▪ Access to satellite and model data from EUMETSAT and ECWMF.

The accompanying Session 2 on the following day is on: Data analysis on droughts and wildfires, and their impacts:

Participation in these workshop events is free for all registered EMS2023 attendees.
However, when registering your EMS2023 attendance, please indicate whether you are interested to attend the workshop: Lunch bags will be provided for workshop participants; these are funded by EUMETSAT.

Public information:

Data from ECMWF and EUMETSAT are here:

Notebooks are here:

Conveners: Chris Stewart, Federico Fierli
Wed, 06 Sep, 13:00–14:00 (CEST)|Lecture room B1.07
Wed, 13:00

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  • Jessica Vial