WS2 | NMHS Communications Workshop
NMHS Communications Workshop
Conveners: Tanja Cegnar, Neil Fletcher
Tue, 05 Sep, 09:00–17:00 (CEST)|Rector's meeting room
Tue, 09:00
As in previous years, the workshop is jointly organised by WMO, EUMETSAT and ECMWF with the objective of bringing together communications professionals in the weather science community.

The NMHS communications workshop will be on Tuesday 5 September 2023 on site at EMS in Bratislava, Slovakia.

It will be followed by the EMS communications session, which is held during the morning of Wednesday 6 September.

The outline agenda for the workshop will include:
• An interactive discussion (show and tell) session providing an opportunity to talk about recent communication initiatives and lessons learnt
• Keynote presentations on topics such as dealing with extreme events, future satellites, and machine learning
• Networking as well as informal social events

We would also be pleased to hear if you have any suggestions for topics you would like to discuss at the workshop, whether it is, for example, misinformation, social media developments or the impact of ChatGPT.