PSE2 | Award Presentations & Silver Medal Lecture
Award Presentations & Silver Medal Lecture
Convener: Liz Bentley
Mon, 02 Sep, 17:30–18:30 (CEST)|Room Paranimf
Mon, 17:30

At this event we will honour our 2024 Awardees

Presentation of EMS and Tromp Foundation Awards

  • EMS Outstanding Poster Award 2023
  • EMS Young Scientist Conference Awards
  • EMS Young Scientist Award 2024
  • Tromp Foundation Travel Awards for young scientists
  • EMS Technology Achievement Award

EMS Silver Medal Ceremony 

  • Introduction, Laudation by Heinke Schlünzen, presentation of the medal & certificate
  • EMS Silver Medal Lecture by Sue Grimmond:
    Urban weather and climate: contributions and challenges to achieving a climate-neutral Europe

The Sergej Zilitinkevich Memorial Award will be handed over in session UP1.2 on Wednesday afternoon.