EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG) | Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019



In this session, we invite speakers to provide the latest results on planetary defence against asteroid impact threats. This includes results from space and ground based telescopic data, results from past and ongoing missions that are relevant for planetary defence as well as updates of planned missions that will significantly contribute and enhance the scientific knowledge for the global planetary defence strategy.
We welcome abstracts on studies of capabilities needed to detect potential asteroid or comet impacts with Earth and to warn of, such threats, and then either prevent them or otherwise mitigate their possible effects. Studies from ESA, NASA and worldwide partners to discover and monitor NEOs, including asteroids and comets that pass within Earth’s vicinity are considered.
Abstracts about the ESA Hera mission (Europe’s contribution to an ambitious international planetary defence and humankind’s first mission to a binary asteroid system) and on the NASA DART mission are welcome. Contributions regarding computations of high-precision NEO orbits, continuous updating calculations of orbital parameters, close approaches, impact risks, discovery statistics, mission designs, as well as modeling of kinetic impacts are welcome in this session.

Convener: Doris Daou | Co-conveners: lindley Johnson, Michael Küppers, Patrick Michel
| Wed, 18 Sep, 15:30–18:30
Mercury (Room 7+8), Thu, 19 Sep, 08:30–12:00
Mercury (Room 7+8)
| Attendance Tue, 17 Sep, 17:15–18:45 | Display Mon, 16 Sep, 08:30–Wed, 18 Sep, 11:00|Basement
Display time: Monday, 16 September 2019 08:30–Wednesday, 18 September 11:00

Attendance time: Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 17:15–18:45 | Basement

Chairperson: Michael Küppers
B259 |
Tommy Grav, Amy Mainzer, Joseph Masiero, Tim Spahr, Sarah Sonnett, and Eva Lilly
B260 |
Thomas I. Maindl and Christoph M. Schäfer
B261 |
Tetsuya Fukuhara, Tatsuaki Okada, and Satoshi Tanaka
B262 |
Alain Herique, Dirk Plettemeier, Wlodek Kofman, Yves Rogez, Christopher Buck, and Hannah Goldberg
B263 |
Middle infrared spectral shape analysis for mineral determination by TIRI detector planned for Hera mission
Akos Kereszturi, Agnes Skulteti, and Bernadett Pal
B264 |
Paolo Tortora, Marco Zannoni, Igor Gai, Ozgur Karatekin, Hannah Goldberg, Claudiu Prioroc, Borja Garcia Gutierrez, Paolo Martino, and Ian Carnelli
B265 |
Robert Luther, Michel Boustie, David Hebert, Benjamin Jodar, Thomas Maindl, Elena Martellato, Sabina Raducan, Christoph Schäfer, Didier Zagouri, Martin Jutzi, Kai Wünnemann, Mark Burchell, Gareth Collins, Tom Davison, Nicole Güldemeister, Max Gulde, Patrick Michel, Naomi Murdoch, Jens Ormö, and Gabriela Parisi and the Hera Modelling Group
B266 |
George Flynn, Daniel Durda, Melissa Strait, and Robert Macke
B267 |
Joseph Masiero, Amy Mainzer, James Bauer, Roc Cutri, Tommy Grav, Emily Kramer, Jana Pittichova, Sarah Sonnett, and Edward Wright
B268 |
Melissa Brucker, Robert McMillan, Terrence Bressi, Ronald Mastaler, Michael Read, James Scotti, Andrew Tubbiolo, and Jeffrey Larsen
B269 |
Ovidiu Vaduvescu, Marcel Popescu, Lucian Curelaru, and Bogdan Danila
B270 |
Carrie Nugent and Gerbs Bauer
B271 |
Near-Earth objects impact monitoring system: a novel approach
Dmitrii Vavilov
B272 |
Amara Graps
B273 |
Anatoliy Ivantsov, Daniel Hestroffer, Josselin Desmars, William Thuillot, and Pedro David
B274 |
Eric Christensen, Brian Africano, Greg Farneth, Carson Fuls, Alex Gibbs, Al Grauer, Hannes Groeller, Richard Kowalski, Stephen Larson, Greg Leonard, Theodore Prune, David Rankin, Robert Seaman, and Frank Shelly
B276 |
Tidbinbilla-ATCA Radar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroid 2003 SD220
Shinji Horiuchi, Blake Moleneux, Jamie Stevens, Graham Baines, Craig Benson, Abu-Shaban Zohair, Jon Giorgini, Lance Benner, Shantanu Naidu, Chris Phillips, Phil Edwards, Nick Stacy, Ed Kruzins, and Joe Lazio
B277 |
Dora Fohring, Dave Tholen, and Denise Hung