EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG) | Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Small-body missions including Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx
Convener: Ernesto Palomba | Co-conveners: Maria Antonietta Barucci, Rosario Brunetto, Beth Ellen Clark, Fabrizio Dirri, Andrea Longobardo, Xiao Long, Maurizio Pajola
| Tue, 17 Sep, 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:00
Saturn (Room 2)
| Attendance Tue, 17 Sep, 17:15–18:45 | Display Mon, 16 Sep, 08:30–Wed, 18 Sep, 11:00|Basement

This session is open to all scientists interested in the dynamical and physical properties of the asteroids Bennu and Ryugu, the targets of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx and JAXA’s Hayabusa2 missions. We invite contributions on the shape, thermal properties and processes, orbital and dynamical properties, structures and boulder/crater distributions across the surfaces of these two objects, and their links with other near-Earth objects and primitive asteroids present in the Main Belt.
In addition, we welcome contributions on results from past small body missions and concepts of future sample return missions, in terms of both science and technology. Specifically, the session is open, but not restricted, to the following topics: a) results from in situ observations of small bodies (Hayabusa, Stardust, Rosetta); b) new laboratory analyses on samples returned from past missions (e.g., Luna, Apollo, Stardust, Hayabusa); c) preparation, studies, and expected results from ongoing and future sample return missions; d) technologies and methods for sample return; e) technologies and concepts for curation facilities; e) technologies and concepts for handling, transport and analysis of returned samples.