The emergence of Life in the Universe from Astrochemistry to Astrobiology and beyond
Convener: R. del Gaudio  | Co-Conveners: V. Ostrovskii , E. A. Kadyshevich 
Oral Program
 / Wed, 10 Sep, 09:00–12:30  / Room Neptune
Poster Program
 / Attendance Tue, 09 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

The papers on the biological, physicochemical, astrophysical, and paleontological studies of the living-matter origination problem, conditions necessary and sufficient for living-matter origination and development, mechanisms of living-matter origination on the Earth and other celestial objects, promising celestial objects for the living-matter occurrence, and other theoretical, experimental, and observational works related to the emergence and development of Life in the Universe are welcomed.