Solar System Virtual Observatory Hands-on Session (public)
Convener: B. Cecconi 
Wed, 10 Sep, 12:45–15:30  / Room Mars

The solar and planetary sciences Virtual Observatory is in its growing phase. It is time to spread the tools to the community in order to collect user experience, as well as gain new users. The EPSC conference is gathering a large fraction of the solar and planetary science community, and thus is a particularly well targeted opportunity for such an event. Various tools have been developed in the frame EU-FP7 projects (Europlanet, HELIO, IMPEx...) We propose a hands-on workshop where the participant will select and work on one or two tutorial among a proposed list. The aim of this workshop is four-fold: present the available tools and infrastructures, train the community, attract new users, and collect user comments in order to enhance the user experience.