Oral Program AB2


Planetary Habitability in the Solar System and Beyond
Convener: V. Dehant  | Co-Conveners: O. Prieto-Ballesteros , F. Westall , L. Noack , D. Breuer , T. Spohn 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 01 Oct, 16:00–17:30  / Room Venus
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 01 Oct, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Thursday, 1 October 2015
Room Venus
Habitability and dynamical perturbations
E. Pilat-Lohinger, H. Lammer, C. Johnstone, and N. V. Erkaev
Habitability of planets on eccentric orbits: limits of the mean flux approximation?
E. Bolmont, A.-S. Libert, J. Leconte, and F. Selsis
Stellar C/O: Effects on Habitability of Exoplanet Systems
T. V. Johnson, G. S. Pekmezci, O. Mousis, J. I. Lunine, and N. Madhusudhan
Water-rich planets: how habitable is a water layer deeper than on Earth?
L. Noack, D. Höning, A. Rivoldini, C. Heistracher, N. Zimov, H. Lammer, T. Van Hoolst, and J.H. Bredehöft
17:00–17:15 EPSC2015-721
Terrestrial analogues for detection and characterisation of potentially habitable zones within ice shells of icy worlds (withdrawn)
D. Gleeson and P. Martin
17:15–17:30 EPSC2015-761
Volcanics and chemotrophic life on Mars (withdrawn)
F. Westall, K.A. Campbell, F. Foucher, J.G. Bréhéret, P. Gautret, and A. Hubert