Oral Program AB3/LF2


Organic molecules in the Solar System and beyond (co-organized)
Convener: C. Szopa  | Co-Conveners: Z. Martins , H. Cottin , H. Steininger , F. Gómez , O. Prieto-Ballesteros 
Oral Program
 / Mon, 28 Sep, 14:00–15:30  / Room Neptune
Poster Program
 / Attendance Tue, 29 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Monday, 28 September 2015
Room Neptune
Chairperson: C. Szopa
Petrographic/thermodynamic study of mineral assemblages of the H2O-MgSO4-CO2 system
A. S. J. Méndez, V. Muñoz-Iglesias, F. Izquierdo-Ruíz, and O. Prieto-Ballesteros
EPSC2015-849 | presentation | presentation
Study of high pressure carbon dioxide clathrates hydrates on Ganymede
F. Izquierdo Ruiz, A. S. J. Méndez, O. Prieto-Ballesteros, and J. M. Recio
Enantiomeric derivatization on the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) experiment aboard ExoMars 2018: how to unravel martian chirality
c. freissinet, a. buch, c. szopa, m. morisson, n. grand, f. raulin, and w. brinckerhoff
HPLC-Orbitrap analysis for identification of organic molecules in complex material
T. Gautier, I. Schmitz-Afonso, N. Carrasco, D. Touboul, C. Szopa, A. Buch, and P. Pernot
Constraining the source of chlorinated hydrocarbons detected on Mars with the SAM experiment onboard Curiosity
I. Belmahdi, A. Buch, C. Szopa, C. Freissinet, D. Glavin, P. François, P. Coll, J Eigenbrode, A.R. Navarro-Gonzalez, T. Dequaire, M. Millan, S. Tenturier, J.Y. Bonnet, P. Mahaffy, and M. Cabane
Photostability of glycine and nitrogen basis in cometary grains : application to the transport of organic matter within the primitive Earth
K. Saiagh, J. Belilla, N. Fray, R. Valorso, and H. Cottin