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Mars geomorphology in the late Amazonian epoch
Convener: S. Conway  | Co-Conveners: J. Raack , A. Johnsson , R. Soare 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 01 Oct, 09:00–12:40  / Room Neptune
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 01 Oct, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 1 October 2015, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
Chairperson: Susan Conway
The motion of Martian glaciers and volcanic activity
L. Czechowski

Poster Area
Mapping the northern plains of Mars: origins, evolution and response to climate change – a new overview of recent ice-related landforms in Utopia Planitia
A. Séjourné, F. Costard, A. Losiak, Z.M. Swirad, M.R. Balme, S.J. Conway, C. Gallagher, E. Hauber, A.E. Johnsson, A. Kereszturi, C. Orgel, T. Platz, J.D. Ramsdale, D. Reiss, J.A. Jr. Skinner, and S. Van Gasselt

Poster Area
Reassessing the global gully distribution on Mars
S. J. Conway, R. J. Soare, T. N. Harrison, M. R. Balme, and A. Britton

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P56 EPSC2015-870
Mapping Mars’ Northern Plains: Origins, Evolution and Response to Climate Change - An Overview of the Grid Mapping Method and Results from Arcadia Planitia. (withdrawn)
J. D. Ramsdale, M.R. Balme, S.J. Conway, F. Costard, C. Gallagher, S. van Gasselt, E. Hauber, A. Johnsson, A. Kereszturi, T. Platz, A. Séjourné, J.A. Jr. Skinner, D. Reiss, Z. Swirad, C. Orgel, and A. Losiak

Poster Area
Veiki-moraine-like landforms in the Nereidum Montes region on Mars: Insights from analogues in northern Sweden.
A. Johnsson, D. Reiss, E. Hauber, M.D. Johnson, M. Olvmo, and H. Hiesinger