European Planetary Science Congress 2017
17–22 September 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija | Riga | Latvia

Oral programme LF4


Cometary, asteroidal and meteoritic materials in the light of laboratory experiments
Convener: Eric Quirico  | Co-Convener: Gabriele Arnold 
Oral programme
 / Mon, 18 Sep, 14:00–17:45  / Room Venus
Poster programme
 / Attendance Tue, 19 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster area

Monday, 18 September 2017
Room Venus
Chairperson: Gabriele Arnold and Eric Quirico
Laboratory spectral reflectance studies aimed at providing clues to composition of refractory phases of comet 67P/CG’s nucleus
L. V. Moroz, K. Markus, G. Arnold, D. Henkel, D. Kappel, U. Schade, M. Ciarniello, B. Rousseau, E. Quirico, B. Schmitt, F. Capaccioni, D. Bockelee-Morvan, G. Filacchione, S. Erard, C. Leyrat, and A. Longobardo
Interpretation of VIRTIS/Rosetta surface spectra of comet 67P from laboratory reflectance measurements of cometary analogues, including iron sulfides
B. Rousseau, S Érard, P. Beck, É. Quirico, B. Schmitt, O. Brissaud, F. Capaccioni, G. Filacchione, D. Bockelée-Morvan, C. Leyrat, M. Ciarniello, A. Raponi, D. Kappel, G. Arnold, and L.V. Moroz
Carboxylic acids at the surface of comet 67P/CG?
I. Istiqomah, E. Quirico, A. Faure, P. Theulé, O. Poch, P. Beck, L. Bonal, B. Schmitt, M. Ciarniello, G. Filacchione, and F. Capaccioni and the VIRTIS Team
IR Spectroscopy of ammoniated phyllosilicates and mixtures with relevance for dwarf planet (1) Ceres
S. De Angelis, M. Ferrari, S. Stefani, A. Raponi, M.C. De Sanctis, G. Piccioni, and E. Ammannito
Coffee break
Evolution of ice/dust mixtures upon sublimation of ice, implications for comets and larger icy objects
O. Poch, A. Pommerol, B. Jost, Z. Yoldi, N. Carrasco, C. Szopa, and N. Thomas
Origin of cometary and chondritic refractory organics: Ion irradiation experiments
E. Quirico, M. Faure, A. Faure, D. Baklouti, P. Boduch, H. Rothard, E. Ballanzat, E. Dartois, R. Brunetto, L. Bonal, P. Beck, B. Schmitt, J. Duprat, and C. Engrand
FTIR Reflectance Studies of Synthetic Glasses with Planetary Compositions: Mid-Infrared Data for the ESA/JAXA BepiColombo Mission
A. Morlok, S. Klemme, I. Weber, A. Stojic, M. Sohn, and H. Hiesinger
Composition of micrometeorites compared to carbonaceous chondrites and comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
S. Günther, S. Merouane, M. Hilchenbach, and C. Engrand
The Katol (L6-7): A unique chondrite with evidences for shock-induced melting and post-shock annealing
D. Ray, S. Ghosh, and A. D. Shukla
FT-IR and μ-IR analysis of Carbonaceous Chondrite meteorites characterization as possible analogue of next sample returned materials
F. Dirri, M. Ferrari, E. Palomba, A. Longobardo, S. Stefani, A. Rotundi, A. Galiano, and L. Nardi