European Planetary Science Congress 2017
17–22 September 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija | Riga | Latvia

Poster programme SB6


KBOs and Centaurs
Convener: D. Perna  | Co-Convener: M. T. Capria 
Oral programme
 / Wed, 20 Sep, 14:00–17:30  / Room Venus
Poster programme
 / Attendance Thu, 21 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 21 September 2017, 17:45–19:15
Poster area
Chairperson: Davide Perna
P130 EPSC2017-645
Predictions of stellar occultations by Chariklo using Gaia DR1 catalog and results of 3 campaigns observed in 2017 (withdrawn)
D. Bérard, B. Sicardy, J.I.B. Camargo, J. Desmars, R. Leiva, F. Braga-Ribas, J.L. Ortiz, and R. Vieira-Martins

Chairperson: Davide Perna
Serendipitous occultations by kilometer size Kuiper Belt with MIOSOTYS
A. Doressoundiram, C-Y Liu, L. Maquet, and F Roques and the MIOSOTYS

Chairperson: Davide Perna
Methanol ice on Kuiper Belt objects 2007 OR10 and Salacia: Implications for formation and dynamical evolution
B. J. Holler, L. A. Young, S. J. Bus, and S. Protopapa

Chairperson: Davide Perna
Spectroscopy of the dwarf planet Makemake
T. Hromakina, D. Perna, F. Merlin, S. Ieva, S. Fornasier, I. Belskaya, and E. Mazzotta Epifani

Chairperson: Davide Perna
Search for sub-kilometre trans-Neptunian objects using all CoRoT AN1 Light-curves
C.-Y. Liu, A. Doressoundiram, F. Roques, H.-K. Chang, and S. Chaintreuil

Chairperson: Davide Perna
K2 and Herschel/PACS light curve of the Centaur 2060 Chiron
G. Marton, C. Kiss, T. G. Müller, E. Lellouch, A. Pál, and L. Molnár